Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm so thankful...

...for simple things...like the fact that my husband is off work today, and can get some rest, that my daughter is in kindergarten today, where she can learn about Jesus's love for her, and that she loves to go, that I am going to start work here in a few minutes, at a job that helps with our bills, and is at the same time so flexible, and that we are looking forward to a big Thanksgiving Dinner with my parents on Thursday. I am truly blessed. I just feel thankful today.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


God intervened and spared mine and my daughter's lives this morning. Katie and I were on our way to school and work this morning. I needed to pass the two cars in front of me, because they were driving at the average speed of 45 miles and hour...on a 65 mph highway...and we were running late. I started to pass and while I was directly in line with the car that was right in front of me, she decided to pass too. She didn't see that I was RIGHT BESIDE HER! At first I thought she was just drifting to the center of the highway, and I pulled over a little, then I realized that she was actually trying to pass...I honked my horn, but I don't think she heard...I ended up completely on the shoulder and almost into the grass before she saw me and pulled back in behind the car in front of us. It scared me to death...I'm still shook up about it. If she would have hit us, it would have been on Katie's side, and I just cannot even bear to think about that. Even now, my heart feels like it could jump out of my chest. God had his hand in this...and I think it might have been right there in between our two cars. You just never know the accidents and circumstances that God saves us from.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


We had such a great time outside this afternoon. Katie rode her bike, and we made chalk pathes on the driveway. I think she looks so cute in her little jacket with the hood up...I had to convince her that she could not wear her new pink clogs to ride her bike...she just loves that we have matching shoes (top photo)! We got them at K-Mart, and she was just thrilled to see that they had ones big enough to fit mama too!!


Well, my daughter taught me an amazing lesson a couple of days ago, I wanted to make sure I recorded it. We had a little bit of a rough day and I was grumpy *really* grumpy. I always apologize, because I want to teach her to ask for forgiveness, and to apologize when she hurts someone's feelings. I asked her if she could forgive me, and she said, "I'll aways forgive you mama" It brought tears to my eyes...we are doing something right...and she is turning out just beautifully, inside and out.