Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Great Grandma Ellis...

...passed away this evening. Katie loved to visit Grandma on Halloween (it was kinda a tradition to visit that day for some reason). I remember her first Halloween she went as a bunny, and Grandma just thought she was so cute! I am glad Katie was able to meet her Great Grandma. Kris and Katie went to visit her last week, and I am glad they were able to see her again before she passed on. I have faith that she is playing bingo with Jesus and the angels right now in heaven... B-2, G-7, O-9, I-22, N-4---BINGO!!!!

1st grade!

Oh baby is growing up! First grade begins tomorrow. Tonight as I brushed Katie's hair, I just couldn't believe how much my "bald 'til she was two" baby had grown. She is so beautiful, and I can't believe that the elementary school years have begun already. Tonight she was so excited, and full of anticipation for tomorrow. I think she is most excited about taking her lunch to school and about not having to take a nap at daycare after lunch! She asked if she could take one of our green apples to school for her teacher, but they really aren't looking so good, so I told her we could make a special trip into Wal-Mart in the morning to get a nice big red one. I was so proud of her for thinking of her new teacher-all on her own. She is so very sensitive to other's needs and wants...and I just love that about her...along with EVERYTHING else. I love her.