Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's summertime already!

I once heard that when you have children the days are sometimes very, very long, but the weeks and months just fly by.  This is so true for us.  Some days seem very long, but before I know it, it's Monday again, or June again! I say this every time that I write a blog post, but I really want to try and write more often!

We have had a great summer so far! The kids got out of school on May 20th, and we have had lots of friend time and relaxation time since then!  We also took an impromptu vacation to Colorado a few weeks ago!  It was truly planned in about 30 minutes, but we had a great time!  We started out early in the morning on a journey across our beautiful state of Kansas, and arrived in Colorado that afternoon! We visited The Garden of the Gods, took the Cog Railway up Pike's Peak where we encountered a lightning/thunder/snow storm, and rode the gondolas across The Royal Gorge in high winds! It was an exciting adventure for our whole family!  I took over 700 pictures during our short 5 day vacation! Lots of amazing memories were made! Some of us (ahem---me!) didn't handle the heights very well, but we had a really wonderful time!  I'm so thankful we were able to go!

 A beautiful giant Van Gogh in Goodland, KS!
Western Kansas Wind Farm

Colorado border!

Garden of the Gods

Colorado Rocky Mountains

Colorado Rocky Mountains from Mueller State Park

The Balanced Rock at Garden of the Gods

The rest of our summer will be spent celebrating our beautiful country on the 4th of July, going to swimming lessons, church camps, and hopefully harvesting some yumminess from our little garden! We planted tomatoes, peppers, and have volunteer pumpkins and squash from our fall decorations that I tossed out there last winter!  I'm excited to see what comes up! We are also watching sweet Stephen and his new baby sister, Sydnee this summer, so our days will be full!  I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with the kids again this summer. I've been filling out applications and updating my resume to hopefully work within the school system next year, since all of the kiddos will be in school!  I am not ready for an empty nest all day!  These summer weeks will surely fly by, so we're going to try and enjoy them to the fullest! We are blessed!