Saturday, June 07, 2014

Sweet, sweet summertime!

We have had a really nice summer so far!  The kids last day of school was just two weeks ago, and we've already checked fishing, swimming, visiting Silver Dollar City, eating popsicles, and visiting the Miller's off our "Summer Bucket List" that's hanging on the fridge! 

We kicked off the summer with a visit to my sister's house, and the kids had so much fun splashing in their little pool and just being with their cousins!

This past weekend, Katie, Asher and I left right after church and took my friend Charisse and her two youngest, Meagan and Evan to Silver Dollar City.  It was their first visit, so it was exciting!  We had a great pool at our hotel all to ourselves, and we even got a little shopping in at the outlet mall!  It was a quick, but really nice trip! 

We have also been enjoying God's amazing miracles this summer!  We have tomatoes and peppers growing in our garden, and the kids and I just love going out to check on them every morning to see how much they have grown! We are also watching a little family of bluebirds grow, and seeing these eggs turn into tiny sweet birds has just been really neat!  The mama bird stays close by when we peek in to see her babies, so we haven't checked on them too often, but just enough to witness this amazing miracle!
I also finished the project that I mentioned a couple of posts ago!  I repainted these chairs and table, and recovered the cushions with some cute duck cloth for a sweet addition to our front porch!  I also painted my poor chair that has been spray painted at least 22 times a pretty pale blue for this year! My flowers are all blooming like crazy, and I am just so thankful for the beauty all around me!