Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This morning I am so thankful for so many things...temperatures in the 70's this morning for my walk, kids sleeping in just a little longer than usual, Kris's legs getting better, a ripe tomato waiting for me on the vine this morning, mourning doves singing, our home, Kris's job, Katie being at camp this week (I think she was needing a break from us more than we were needing a  break from her pre-teen-age-ness), for some much needed spiritual growth and renewal that Kris and I are hoping and praying for, for the Lego house that Asher and I have been working on in the dining room, and last but not least...for coffee!  Thank you LORD, for everything you have given us!

Monday, July 09, 2012

true joy

things that bring me true joy:
  • seeing Claire take her first steps (finally!)
  • listening to Asher tell us what "love" means...his definition, "love is when you're happy when you're with someone" (he is amazing.)
  • listening to Katie sing at the top of her lungs when she thinks we're not listening
  • clean laundry
  • a 10 degree drop in the hot summer temperatures
  • coffee
  • finishing a good walk with sweaty clothes (really.)
  • when Kris gives me a random kiss on the back of my neck while I'm doing dishes
  • watching Asher and Claire become close siblings (they truly love each other.)
  • listening to k-love or kxoj online
  • my good girlfriends~Crystal, Charisse, Sabrina, Stephanie, Pam, Emmalee, love these ladies!
  • feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit in our home...that's truly the best joy in the world...