Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So very blessed.

Two years ago in January 2007, I only blogged once, and it was kind of a year in review of 2006. In that entry, I was trying to process and accept that we were a family of three, and that maybe that was what God had planned for us. It's amazing to look back on that, and how very desperate I was for another child. All through our pregnancy, I was desperate for our baby to get through it safely, and now, here we are...with a 9 month old very healthy, sweet, amazing boy. I am so sorry, Lord, that I have taken this amazing blessing for granted. YOU did this...YOU made him...for us. You gave us your only son, and you gave us a son AND a daughter. Tonight I am just overwhelmed with how very blessed we are. There are four of us. Four...it's amazing.

Friday, January 16, 2009


How clever are these? I want some...these are too stinking cute. They are made from a scrabble tile, a paper image, and diamond glaze...why can't I think of these adorable things? I have been really having the urge to be crafty lately. I think it's because it's so cold outside. I just am not motivated to get all of my paper crafting stuff out, because I don't want to put it all up when I'm finished. I'm thinking Katie and I might try and stay up late and scrapbook tonight...maybe. I've been missing that daughter of mine. Asher has been a little under the weather, so he has taken up almost all of my time. I miss just talking to her.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I was looking through photos, and wanted to share these. Katie was holding Asher in the recliner, and they were just having a "moment" that I wanted to capture. They love each other so much. No one else gets the smiles that Asher gives to Katie, and she is smitten with him. I hope they can always love each other this much!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Katie loves Kit...that's all there is to it...and mom does too...just a little bit :o) We've been having so much fun talking about Kit, watching her movie, sewing for her, we even went to a little play-date to Elizabeth's house to meet Kirsten, Molly, Kaya, Samantha and Felicity!