Monday, May 05, 2014

Best Buds...

Asher and Claire just seem to become closer each day!  They love playing together, and don't fight (too often!)  They have started running and hugging each other when they have been apart, and I just love seeing them happy to see each other! I love watching them grow up together!  I took these pictures of them on the miniature train at our park the other day!  The funny thing was that neither one fought over who was going to sit with me, they just automatically hopped into the last car together!  They are sweet, sweet, double, double, trouble, trouble!


Thursday, May 01, 2014

The front porch is starting to bloom!

I have been working a bunch on my flowers this year.  Last spring we were in Rose Hill, and I planted just a few things, and didn't have a front porch or patio to this year I am just going crazy with it...just for fun!  A friend of my husband's who works for Bonnie plants blessed us with a bunch of tomato and pepper plants, and some pretty petunias and rose moss!  My hostas have came back, and we are going to try and get a garden going soon!  I can't wait to have fresh veggies this summer! I hope they all survive!

And I have big plans for these sunny things!  Kris bought 4 patio table chairs for me last year at a garage sale for $1 each, and they just need a new coat of paint and some new seat covers and they will be so stinking cute with the table that I already have!  I can't wait for the temperature to get over 60 so I can paint, paint, paint!