Thursday, January 27, 2011

Claire's Birthday has been scheduled!

This morning I had my 36 week appointment, and our c-section has been scheduled!  We're scheduled to be at the hospital on February 18th at 5:30 am!  Claire Elise should make her arrival into the world by 8 or 8:30!  My blood pressure is holding steady, so they want to wait until as close to 39 weeks as they can to deliver.  I was secretly hoping for the 10th, but I guess I can wait one more week.  We're really excited and ready to meet our little one!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Packing our bags!

I've been working on getting our bags packed for Claire's arrival.  It's a little different this time packing for Claire, me, Asher, and stuff for Katie and Asher to do...lots of bags...our van will be packed...just to drive accross town!  Ha!  I ordered 3 new pair of PJ's for me today--all on clearance at JCP for 50% off!  Yay!  I would be so embarrased to take the PJ's I wear on a daily basis to the hospital with me...they are so old and raggedy!  Anyhoo, the new ones I ordered are so cute!  I know most people suggest nightgowns for the hospital, but I just cannot rest or get comfortable without pants on...I'm a weirdo, I know!  I ordered a size up to go over my incision and swelling from the c-section, so they should be really roomy and comfortable.  I need to go to Wal-Mart and pick up my site to store order.  I ordered a 4 GB compact flash card for our camera, and 20 mini dvd's for our video camera.  I just need to charge the batteries on both of those and get their cases all stocked and ready.  I still need to get a diaper bag for Claire.  I have her things packed in Asher's black Jeep diaper bag, and we may just go with that, but I'm not 100% sure.  I'm trying to remember how much actual baby stuff I need to take, because the hospital supplies so much.  I will probably pack too much...seems like I aways do!

I also need to get our taxes done, and CLEAN this house...I just haven't felt up to deep cleaning, I should have done that earlier in the pregnancy.  Hopefully I can get everything done in time!  My friend Amy had her baby this morning, 11 days sooner than she had planned via emergency c-section...Rylan Grace made her arrival into the world a little early, but she's doing great!  I am not sure what would happen if our Claire came that early...I just want to be ready!

Ok---enough blabbering on...I'm just excited...we all are...for little Claire to arrive!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting ready for Baby Claire!

It's almost impossible to believe that our sweet girl will be here either 3 weeks or 4 weeks from TODAY (depending on when our Dr. decides to do the c-section!)  Amazing!

Our church gave us a wonderful baby shower last Sunday, and Claire was so blessed with tons of love and baby things!  We have been working on getting her nursery area in our bedroom ready!  I still need to find something cute to put above her changing table, I was thinking of a pretty pink cross or a Bible verse plaque.  The crib and changing table were the ones we used with Katie and with Asher, and they match perfectly with our bedroom furniture!  We're so excited for her arrival...and are still having a hard time believing how blessed we are!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pink! Pink! Pink!

We had our sonogram yesterday, and the sonogram technician says we're for sure having a GIRL!  Yay! Our doctor was a little worried about the size of the baby, but she is about 1 week BIGGER than she should be!  I am not sure if they will move our due date up, but we could have the c-section as early as February 10th if they do!  I just cannot wait to meet her!  I can't wait to kiss our sweet pink bundle right on the forehead!  Katie is super excited!  She has wanted a sister forever...her little prayers are being answered!  Before Asher she prayed for mama to get a baby in her tummy, and she would pray, "let it be a girl and look just like me!"  I think Asher thought we were going to get the baby "out" yesterday.  He kept asking me, "baby out?"  "baby done?"  When we got home from the sonogram, he found a baby bottle in the basket of baby things, and poked it in my belly button and said, "feed the baby?"  He is just so funny!  He has also used my belly button as a little peep hole...his logic is so cute!

Anyhoo...we are just so excited...mostly to know that our baby is ok and growing good!  Now it's time to get shopping!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Looking forward to the new year...

We're really looking forward to this new year.  It seems like each of the next few months have something exciting in store!  We found out that on Tuesday, January 4th, we're going to get another look at our baby, and find out for sure what we're having!  I haven't gained any weight during my pregnancy, so the doctor wants to check the growth of the baby.  The baby is so strong, and my belly is growing like crazy, so I can't imagine there is a problem, but she just wants to be sure that everything is ok in there!  I suspect the rest of the month will be filled with shopping and nesting for our baby girl or boy!  I'm also excited to be giving a Strawberry Shortcake themed baby shower for my friend Amy, next week.  February will obviously be an exciting month with the arrival of our sweet baby! It's amazing that our baby can safely arrive in just a month! We're planning a birthday party for Katie and Asher for April, we've been thinking about having a Real Tree Hunting theme...and Kris has a really special gift he would love to get for Katie!  2010 was FULL of challenges...but I think they made us stronger.  I'm looking forward to this first part of 2011!