Saturday, January 01, 2011

Looking forward to the new year...

We're really looking forward to this new year.  It seems like each of the next few months have something exciting in store!  We found out that on Tuesday, January 4th, we're going to get another look at our baby, and find out for sure what we're having!  I haven't gained any weight during my pregnancy, so the doctor wants to check the growth of the baby.  The baby is so strong, and my belly is growing like crazy, so I can't imagine there is a problem, but she just wants to be sure that everything is ok in there!  I suspect the rest of the month will be filled with shopping and nesting for our baby girl or boy!  I'm also excited to be giving a Strawberry Shortcake themed baby shower for my friend Amy, next week.  February will obviously be an exciting month with the arrival of our sweet baby! It's amazing that our baby can safely arrive in just a month! We're planning a birthday party for Katie and Asher for April, we've been thinking about having a Real Tree Hunting theme...and Kris has a really special gift he would love to get for Katie!  2010 was FULL of challenges...but I think they made us stronger.  I'm looking forward to this first part of 2011!

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