Tuesday, December 28, 2010

32 weeks---only 7 more to go!

I will be 32 weeks along with this sweet baby on Thursday!  I can't believe it!  In some ways it has taken forever, but in some ways it seems to be going by fast!  I knew time would fly as soon as the anticipation of Christmas was over, now the little milestones to get through are New Year's Eve/Day, Super Bowl, and Valentine's Day!  I see the doctor on Thursday morning, and Kris and I have planned a date for Thursday afternoon/evening.  Part of our "date" is looking for a vehicle.  We sold our Honda Element (I miss it so much!) because it only seats 4 with seatbelts, and we need 5 full time seatbelts, not to mention the extra kids that we drive to/from school and church stuff sometimes.  I would really {heart} a nice used Honda Odyssey, but I am not sure if we are going to be find one we can afford.  We are looking for something with lower miles, 6 or more seatbelts, and a low payment...seems impossible, but I think it will be ok!  We will find something!  After our car searching, we're planning on having dinner at my very most favorite place to go to dinner in all of the world---Olive Garden!  Yay!  I would like to go to a couple of stores to look for some pj's for the hospital (mine are all so old and raggedy!) and get a couple more little things for the diaper bag.  We might see a movie, not really sure yet, but we're just planning on enjoying being together---alone (except for the kiddo I can't escape!)  I cannot wait!  It's been such a long time since we've gone on a date.  We need this time together, it's just so important.  I'm hoping it will be a little refresher that I need to get me through the rest of this pregnancy!

The kids have been enjoying plenty of movies on this Christmas break.  It's not been nice enough for them to play outside, they both have had runny noses and coughs.   I'm hoping that the next couple of days will be in the 50's and 60's so they can get out and run off some energy!

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