Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Week 2010!

The kiddos had a great Christmas this year!  Here are a few pictures! 

Katie started her Christmas break from school on Christmas Eve-Eve (the 23rd), so we kept busy that day while waiting on Daddy to come home from work with some painting...

And some Legos and wink-practicing...

Then on Christmas Eve we did some more waiting on Daddy to get home and then headed to Jay and Jill's house.  All of the grandkids got to have a special visit with Santa, everyone sat on Santa's lap except Asher, he wasn't about to sit on this stranger's lap who came right in the back door!  We had to settle for a group picture of all of the kids (and precious Louie-Meme's favorite grandchild!) with Santa!

Then on Christmas morning, little dreams of a Felicity Doll and  a Choo-Choo came true!

Sunday we had Christmas with my family, and Katie and Asher both had a good time playing with cousins!

We are so blessed this Christmas!  We're blessed not only because of the material things that you can see in these pictures, but because of the greatest gift that has ever been given-Jesus!  We feel so fortunate to know that his gift meant salvation for us, a chance for an eternity in Heaven!

Merry Christmas!

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Deanna said...

Your Christmas looks wonderful!
Santa in person!!! This sure would be a surprise for the children.

Sweet blessings to you this holiday and may 2011 be fantastic.
d from homehaven