Friday, December 17, 2010

30 weeks along...only 9 weeks to go!

We made it to 30 weeks!  I had my clinic appointment yesterday, and three blessings happened--I passed my glucose test, and my blood pressure was perfect--126/76, and our sweet baby's heartbeat was perfect!  Those are just huge blessings for all of us!  I talked to nurse about scheduling the c-section, and she said we would schedule it at my 36 week appointment, and it would most likely be scheduled for Thursday, February 17th!  We're so excited to meet our little 5th Alexander...we just cannot wait!  Unless my blood pressure goes back up, we will most likely not have another sonogram, so it looks like we won't know *for sure* that we have a girl in there until the might be kind of exciting!  I have been sorting baby clothes for both, and did little pink and blue laundry, so we will see!  I just feel so blessed that things are going ok...I was so worried there for a while, but God is so faithful!

We have been keeping pretty busy with Christmas stuff.  It seems like we just have a ton of church activities right now...I'm having trouble keeping up with everything!  I think the thing  I am most looking forward to this Christmas is Christmas Day, just hanging out here at home, just the 4 (5!) of us, in our PJ's for the day.  I told Kris that I just want to sit on the floor and play with toys with the kids, and not worry about laundry, dishes, or cleaning...I just want to savor the time with Katie on one of her probably last "toy" Christmas's, and listen to both of them talk and laugh and play.  Lord, please just help me relax in you for the day...just help me to stop and breathe and play this Christmas...please help me recognize these beautiful gifts are from YOU, because of YOU, and for YOU!

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MarytheKay said...

Your Christmas day plans sound just DELIGLHTFUL!! I remember the year our youngest was born in December, we spent the entire Christmas day in our PJs--all of us. It was the most relaxing Christmas day I can remember. I can remember sitting in my chair that day, dozing with my sweet little newborn Sara Beth in my arms, and thinking how blessed I felt. It won't be long until you're holding a little newborn!!!