Wednesday, December 01, 2010

28 Weeks and Christmastime!

We're 28 weeks along this week!  We have about 10 weeks until we get to hold our new baby in our arms!  I go to the clinic tomorrow morning, hoping to have good blood pressure and a good blood sugar test.  I have eaten WAY too much during the last week with Thanksgiving and pre-tasting Christmas Reese's Bells, so I'm hoping all of those turn out ok.  I am feeling the baby move so much.  Today I could feel BIG kicks in my ribs and tiny fingers wiggling down low in my belly at the same amazing!  Kris and I STILL cannot believe we've been blessed to have another baby.  It's more than we ever imagined!

We're getting ready for Christmas around here.  We have the tree and inside decorations up, Asher loved putting the Christmas tree up this year.  There are about 15 ornaments hanging on one bottom branch of our tree that he decorated himself, and I just love it (but our tree seriously is leaning a bit on that side!)  I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done.  I did a lot of it online this year, just to avoid too much stress of being in the stores.  I have been wrapping things and putting them under the tree far Ash has only unwrapped one, and it was Katie's---he picked the wrong one! 

I have been working on planning the grocery lists and menus for Christmas food.  So far I'm planning on bringing Jalepeno Popper Spread and Buffalo Chicken Dip to celebrate Christmas Eve with Kris's family, Christmas Morning brunch will be Amish Breakfast Casserole and French Toast Souffle, and we'll probably have munchies and soup throughout Christmas Day.  It will be just the four of us...I'm really looking forward to the whole day of playing with new toys and relaxing!  We're celebrating Christmas with my family on Sunday afternoon, and I'm thinking we'll have even more munchies/snacks/appetizers that day. I'm trying to kind of cut down on all of the candies/goodies I'll be making this year, just to save a little stress and money.  I'm planning on making two kinds of Velveeta Fudge, chocolate and peanut butter (it sounds weird, but is SO good and SO easy!), my Mom's caramels, and maybe cinnamon stained glass candy.  We'll make cut out cookies to leave for Santa too.  I always looked forward to caramels, cinnamon candy, and sugar cookies when I was growing up, I use my mom's recipes for all three of these and I think that makes it kind of special.

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas this year!

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