Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pink! Pink! Pink!

We had our sonogram yesterday, and the sonogram technician says we're for sure having a GIRL!  Yay! Our doctor was a little worried about the size of the baby, but she is about 1 week BIGGER than she should be!  I am not sure if they will move our due date up, but we could have the c-section as early as February 10th if they do!  I just cannot wait to meet her!  I can't wait to kiss our sweet pink bundle right on the forehead!  Katie is super excited!  She has wanted a sister forever...her little prayers are being answered!  Before Asher she prayed for mama to get a baby in her tummy, and she would pray, "let it be a girl and look just like me!"  I think Asher thought we were going to get the baby "out" yesterday.  He kept asking me, "baby out?"  "baby done?"  When we got home from the sonogram, he found a baby bottle in the basket of baby things, and poked it in my belly button and said, "feed the baby?"  He is just so funny!  He has also used my belly button as a little peep hole...his logic is so cute!

Anyhoo...we are just so excited...mostly to know that our baby is ok and growing good!  Now it's time to get shopping!

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Deanna said...

Pink is such a nice color for little girls!
Congrats to you.