Monday, July 09, 2012

true joy

things that bring me true joy:
  • seeing Claire take her first steps (finally!)
  • listening to Asher tell us what "love" means...his definition, "love is when you're happy when you're with someone" (he is amazing.)
  • listening to Katie sing at the top of her lungs when she thinks we're not listening
  • clean laundry
  • a 10 degree drop in the hot summer temperatures
  • coffee
  • finishing a good walk with sweaty clothes (really.)
  • when Kris gives me a random kiss on the back of my neck while I'm doing dishes
  • watching Asher and Claire become close siblings (they truly love each other.)
  • listening to k-love or kxoj online
  • my good girlfriends~Crystal, Charisse, Sabrina, Stephanie, Pam, Emmalee, love these ladies!
  • feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit in our home...that's truly the best joy in the world...

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