Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mischief + Curiosity = Chasing Squirrels

Katie and I were having dinner tonight at Arby's and she said that maybe the other people in the restaurant were leaving to go chase squirrels. I asked her what that meant, and she said, "you know-mischief!" I must have looked at her funny, because then she said, "you know curiosity!" It was so funny! I feel like I hardly ever have time to really listen to her these days. It's nice to just sit and talk with her. Kris was working late, so I let her fall asleep in our bed, after she read a chapter in her book to me. We talked and prayed, and then she had some questions about Tim. She wondered if he could walk and talk and why he could make cheeseburgers. It's hard for kiddos to understand traumatic brain injury. Trina still updates on her dear husband at, you just have to enter his whole name: timholsinger to read and follow their amazing story. I think that's all for tonight.

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