Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our weekend (and another Happy Birthday!)

My mom and dad stopped by to see us today. It was Mom's birthday, so Dad took us all out to lunch. Katie just loves seeing them...she doesn't get further than 1 centimeter away from Grandma anytime she's around!

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. Katie had her school program and had 14 speaking lines--she did a great job--she was so animated and funny! Last weekend was her program at church-she looked so beautiful up there singing. Last week was her karate Christmas party, her school party, and her Caravan party---it was a party week, I tell ya! We are counting down the days until Christmas now...only 4 days to go! I've been trying to think about the real meaning of Christmas, but it's hard not to use this beautiful day as a great excuse to go crazy and spoil my children like crazy! I can't wait to see Katie's reaction to her "big" gift this year! I saw the statue above today, and it's on MY wish list...for someday...Merry Christmas!

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