Friday, July 03, 2009

I have tried to post and update on the blog several times, but our computer keeps losing the connection. There is a certain little boy in our house who likes to tug at the wires on the computer...not sure who that could be...could it be this guy??? could be...because he is into EVERYTHING! We are loving watching him grow and get such an amazingly fun and loving personality. If you ask him for a "snuggly", he will lean his forehead down to yours, and if you ask for a kiss, he will give you a big wet one! He is about ready for a haircut. We had planned to have it cut on his first birthday, but I just couldn't let the curls go yet. It is getting a little long though...look how tall his bathtime mohawk is!
One of the many reasons I haven't blogged in such a long time is because we have been incredibly busy. Katie played softball this year. She did so well! We are so proud of her. This was her first season to play softball, and we were nervous, because we didn't know how well she would do since she never played blastball or t-ball, or anything before. I think karate has helped her hand/eye coordination and everything else, because she is a good little ball player! I am amazed! She's much better than I was at that age! She is also still doing karate, and received her green belt uniform.

She is growing so fast. So far the "9" year old age has been a little challenging...I think she is trying out her independence, while still wanting to be our little girl who is the center of attention. I think as Asher gets more animated and fun, she gets a tiny bit more jealous...but she loves him so much, and is such a great big sister. They are like two peas in a pod, almost always together when we're here at home.

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