Monday, August 09, 2010

Just checking in!

Crystal and the kiddos came over for a visit today, and she brought her laptop and wireless card, so I decided to check in!  The kids are growing so fast.  Rylee has finally surpassed Katie in height!  Reagan is such a big girl at 4, and Reese is just such a big serious boy!  Asher and Katie are enjoying the company, but it's so hot out that they've all been stuck inside.  We're planning on going to the zoo and park later when it cools off. 

Our little blueberry (which is no longer the size of a blueberry!) is doing good.  Morning sickness seems to be tapering off, and our first trimester is almost through!  I see the doctor on August 20th, can't wait to just hear that sweet heartbeat again!  I am still really tired, but I think part of it is the heat, and part of it is just having two other kids (one of them being a normal 2 year old!).  Hoping to get some energy back soon.

We still have not sold our house.  It's been on the market 5 months.  We still believe that God has a great plan for us, but we have no idea what it is.  We will just wait and see.  Everything is going to be ok!  I'm partly trying to convince myself of this, but I know in my heart that it's true.  We did have someone call and ask for bedroom measurements today, so that could be a good sign...we will just keep praying and waiting!


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