Saturday, September 03, 2011

Piggies and our Saturday...

We put little pig tails in Claire's hair today, and OH-MY-GOODNESS...she just looked so stinking cute!  I can't belive how big she looks in this picture!  She is sitting up pretty well now, and I think she just grew up over night!

Today Kris worked, so the kids and I just hung out here at home. Asher wasn't feeling great for the first part of the day, and he still doesn't seem himself this evening, but he doesn't have a fever, so that's a blessing.  Katie and Asher did pretty well today with not fussing with each other, so we drove down to the Redbox and rented Tangled for them this afternoon.  We also stopped in at McD's to get shakes, yum!   It was a really good day, and will be even better when Daddy drives in the driveway!

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