Sunday, February 05, 2012

Scents that remind me of things...

Weird title, I guess...but I wanted to write these down so I don't forget...I just used the last teeny tiny little bit of my Bath and Body Works Black Amythyst, which is the scent that my sister got me for my time in the hospital of having Claire, almost a year ago.  Forever and ever, that scent will remind me of her birth, that amazing day, how beautiful and perfect she was, how blessed we felt to have THREE children! 

With Asher, his Bath and Body Works scent was Peach, that Jill and Megan brought to me in the hospital when he was born.  He was such a sweet baby boy, so much smaller than our girls, all bundled in his fresh baby blue.  That scent will remind me of his sweet little tiny fresh from God.

And Katie...well...hers is a story...her scent is Mandarin, also from Bath and Body Works.  With Katie being our first child, and our plan to be induced (because she was 9 days late and already weighed 9lb 2oz!), I had planned in my head that we would have a nice relaxing period of time in the hospital before she was born...ha!  I had bought everything in that line of fragrance, from lotions to foot products, thinking Kris could rub my feet, give me massages, etc while we waited on our precious bundle.  From the moment we walked in to the hospital, it was just a flurry of activity, and then constant labor after the cervadil was given, so the idea of using all of that relaxing stuff was out the window!  I still have beautiful memories of that day, though, and the scent of mandarin takes me right back to the moment of holding our first beautiful child for the first time.

These might be silly stories, but they are so important, I just don't want to forget them.

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