Saturday, March 01, 2014

Our dining room...

Our dining room is my favorite room...because of the windows, natural light, and the patio doors.  I also love that it is large enough for our table to have all of the leaves in it and still have plenty of room...but I've been thinking...and dreaming of a few DIY projects.   The first photo was our dining room at it's "prettiest" current state...since then I have painted it a "normal" tan/beige color, and don't have the curtains back up yet since we moved back in.  I am ready for a I have been looking on pinterest for ideas.  I am wondering if the 2nd picture would work, or if I could create some bookshelves to look built-in...just some ideas! I also would love to have a chair in this room, for snuggling and reading in the sunshine.

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