Thursday, July 31, 2014

More summertime ramblings...

Just wanted to update with some pictures of things we have been up to!  It's been a pretty good summer!  We have been keeping busy, just enjoying the simple things.  Our garden keeps growing, and the kids just love seeing what is new each day.  I even learned to can jalapeños!  So excited about that!  We have cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, big tomatoes, jalapeños, banana peppers, and bell peppers just growing, growing, growing!  Gardening has been so much fun this year!


We visited the 4-H fair, here in our town, and the kids LOVED it!  Just Asher, Memory (our new sweet kiddo that we've been watching this summer) and I went, because Claire was especially cranky that day.  They loved the animals!

We also visited the park one day, but it was 101 million degrees, so we didn't stay too long!  Asher found the biggest shade tree of all time...and that is where he wanted to stay!  I think it might have been the hottest day of the summer!  We have actually had a really cool summer, with some days being in the 70's and low 80' has been wonderful!  Yesterday the high was southern Kansas!  Crazy but wonderful!

Katie started her orthodontic treatments this summer, so take a good look at this smile, because next week it will be covered with tinsel!  She gets her braces on next Tuesday.  She is super excited! I think she is already beautiful, so I can't even imagine what a couple of years of maturing and braces will do! 
Lots and lots of people I know (ahem...including myself) turned the big 4-0 this summer, and this week we had a little coffee party for my friend Charisse, who turned 40 on Tuesday.  I looked and looked on Pinterest for party decorations that she might like, and didn't find anything that fit, so I made some!  She loves chickens, so I just went with that!  I just searched for a chicken silhouette, pasted it into a document, printed out cupcake toppers and a little sign, and added some ribbon.  I was excited about how it turned out!

We visited Meme and Papa at the lake, and had lots of fun at the splash park, and Asher and Katie discovered the amazing wonder of mobility on the golf cart!  They drove everywhere along the shore of Grand lake, and had such a neat time together!


It has been a pretty good summer, and it's hard to believe that school starts in just 3 weeks!  Katie will be a freshman in high school...just impossible for this mama to comprehend, and Asher will be a big first grader!  I am excited to see what God has in store for us for this new school year!


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