Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First day of school!

Katie started high school today....oh...this mama is struggling with this! But she did great!  She really enjoyed it!  She said that she likes all of her classes, except PE, and is excited to be with her friends again!  She looked so beautiful on her way out the door!  She picked the outfit out by herself...complete with her Converse...of course!  Her friend Orianna came to walk to school with her, and they were both just bubbling with anticipation!  They didn't seem nervous at all! 

And my Asher boy started 1st grade!  Seems impossible as well!  He was so excited to wear one of his new Star Wars t-shirts, and to take his new backpack...he was pretty nervous though, and there were a couple of times I thought he might change his mind and just stay home with Mama!  He did great though, and walked right in to sit in his line!  Claire decided she would like to sit in his line with him, and I almost had to wrestle her to get her to leave Asher...she loves her brother so much!


So now there is just Claire and I on the days that Daddy works, and we are going to be ok...we miss them so much already, but I am sure we will find some things to do. :) 

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