Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Lovin'...

The spring flew by, and now the summer is 2/3 over already!  Time just goes by so quickly.  Weeks and months go by faster every year as these kiddos keep growing!  I try to remind myself to enjoy each moment, but that's hard sometimes!  Asher ended school/started summer by having an appendectomy.  He spent a couple days in the hospital, and a few days recovering at home, but was back to his active self so quickly!  Even though we have been on a really tight budget this summer, the kids have had fun, with a couple of trips to the pool and splash pad.  We also went to see "Inside Out" at the theatre.  It was Claire's first movie in a theatre!  She loved it! At home we've been keeping busy with lots of popcorn and movie afternoons, a few crafts, lots of coloring, and digging in the back yard for bugs, frogs, and worms!
Our family has grown this summer, with the addition of Walt!  We had been thinking of getting a dog for the kids for a long time, but had been putting it off.  Now I know why God wanted us to wait!  Walt has been such a blessing!  He is a great dog!  We all enjoy him!  We found him at a shelter, and had to wait for him to be neutered before we got to bring him home.  Since the day he came home, he has not been more than a foot away from one of us at all times!  He loves us, maybe as much as we love him!

I am still trying to balance having the kids home and sticking to my Trim Healthy Mama eating plan and just caring for myself in general.  It's harder with them home, and I haven't lost any more weight, but I'm maintaining the weight I have lost, and I'm hoping to go full force back to it soon.  I'm still drinking lots of Good Girl Moonshine, and still trying to choose good meals, it's just more difficult to stick with it being on-the-go so often. I made a little collage of my favorite THM drinks, because at least it makes it more fun if your drinks are cute!

Kris's dad had heart surgery a few weeks ago, so Kris has been up and down the highway to visit and help his parents as much as he can on his days off.  We have missed him so much!  Things aren't the same around here when he is gone.  We are so glad that he is able to be a blessing and a help to them though. Papa will hopefully be back to his ornery self very soon!

Even though there are sometimes difficult moments, difficult days, even what seem like whole entire difficult weeks, we are still so incredibly blessed!  God has been so faithful and generous to us!  He gives us so much more mercy and grace that we could ever begin to deserve, and he willingly gives that mercy new and fresh every morning.  I am so thankful for that!  As a mama, it feels like I need a "do-over" just about every day, but it helps to know that God is with me...he never leaves me.  I am so thankful for this family, and for God's unfailing love!

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