Friday, June 17, 2005

The beginning of my blog!

I am so excited! I have officially started my own blog! I think my primary use for it now will be to keep a log of things I want to remember to scrapbook. Later I may use it for other purposes, but it's probably best to keep things simple for now.

So now...for today's official entry:
"Goodbye, my love" Words that I do not believe have ever been spoken to me before this morning. Kris leaves for work VERY early in the morning, and when he left this morning he said that. I think my eyes must have popped wide open when he said it, because I remember looking at him in a very strange way, and asking him what he said...He usually says, "Bye Babe, I love you" which is wonderful too, but this morning was different. I love him, I am truly blessed to have him.


Christina said...

Ahhhh how sweet!

Welcome to blogging!

a/k/a Katie Scarlett said...

That's really sweet. My DH suprises me by saying things like that too. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.