Saturday, September 13, 2008


Katie made a little memo board out of a cookie sheet--she was so proud! I think we might this picture in to Family Fun magazine...that's where she got the idea! The cookie sheet was $3 at Dollar General, and she used scrapbooking stuff to decorate it...anyone recognize their kids in the pictures she has on there? :o) It turned out pretty cute! I love this picture of Asher in his "I (heart) Mommy" shirt, he looks so stinking cute in red! Look at those dimples...don't you just want to kiss those little cheekies? We went to the park and rode the train a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice evening, and Asher had his first time on the train and Merry-go-round.

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Melissa said...

Your kids are so adorable and Mr. Asher is getting so big. I do recognize some little girls on there. Love you guys....Melissa