Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He will provide!

We're still waiting to sell the house.  It's been on the market two months today.  We are so ready to get out to the country.  We mowed there last Saturday, and I just couldn't believe how pretty it looked.  I am just in love with the rolling hills, the quiet, the giant yard.  I love the sound of the kids playing and Kris mowing.  I just can't wait to feather our nest.  Please, Lord...please let our house sell soon.

Yesterday and today, the Lord lead me to read two different passages in the Bible about his provision.  The first one was not to worry about what we will eat, drink, or wear and he gave examples of the birds of the air and the lilies in the fields.  Today's story was the classic story of Jesus feeding 5000+ with the little dude's lunch.  I know that God is with us, and he is in control.  I know that even though we're struggling with our finances, we still have plenty to eat, plenty to drink, and we have clothes to wear!  He is also providing enough for our mortgage for shelter.  We're going to be ok.  I just need to concentrate on his provisions, and not try to figure it all out by myself.

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