Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Morning, Sunshine!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, coffee is brewed and yummy...and Miss Claire woke up HAPPY this morning!  She woke up cooing and gurgling and talking...such sweet sounds.  Yesterday in church she gave Miss Helen a real smile, and has been giving us some little hints of smiles all weekend.  She's been sleeping a little better, but still waking up at least twice during the night to nurse.  I treasure that quiet time with her, though, so the giant bags under my eyes are ok with me.  I will have the rest of my life to try out different eye creams, but I won't be able to go back to these newborn times with her again.  I have to remind myself of how blessed I am.

See?  I seriously need some under eye cream (and an eyebrow wax, haircut, dentist appointment, and to put on some make-up for heaven's sake)...but look at this sweet baby!

We had a good weekend.  Kris took our pastor's son turkey hunting on Saturday morning, and they harvested 2 jakes-it was his first time hunting and they had a really good time.  Our church had a youth revival this weekend, so Kris took Katie to that each evening.  Kris felt like Pastor Chap ministered to the adults just as much as the youth.  I was able to take Asher and Claire out for a few walks in the double stroller that we borrowed.  It was so good to get outside!  Yesterday we worked in the back yard for a little while after church.  Katie learned how to mow, and let me tell you...our yard might not be the straightest cut with her doing it, but she was really eager to learn!

Safety First!  Eye and ear protection-check!

I have been reading about the fruits of the spirit in Galatians...just trying to really concentrate on letting the Holy Spirit take over my life and heart.  I know I need to work on all of the virtues, but the ones that I really struggle with are patience, gentleness and self control.  Kris and I have been really having trouble in disciplining Katie...I need to remember the root word of discipline, disciple...which means to teach.  We're just having trouble being gentle and having self-control (not going crazy when she's really being defiant).  I know it's the "tween" years that are starting to creep in, and I know that we just need to be patient with her and keep on loving her.  Parenting is hard work, but I know it's worth it. 

See?  Totally worth it!


rhonda said...

i don't see any dark circles, bad hair....i see a happy, proud momma and that is all that matters. i'm trying to find my way back to church. i'm trying to find a place where i will feel welcomed and loved. we haven't went anywhere yet. still trying to figure out what i want out of a church, if that makes sense.

god has blessed us so much that i want to start working for him again and be a witness to all he can do for us.

Karrie said...

Hi Rhonda! I wish you lived in Independence, because I would invite you come to come to church with me! We just have a really comfortable church...the people are so kind and our pastor is the best--he has been with us about a year and has just really inspired our church to reach out and "love on" people. I remember when you were trying so hard to have a baby, we were trying at the same time, it was so hard to wait, but now look at us with these sweet babies! We ARE blessed! Big hugs to you!

Angela said...

Karrie--you are amazing! New baby, no sleep and still keeping a job! Wow--what a wonder woman! :o) I can't believe how big Katie is getting...and now you have two more blessings! Congrats. Did you finally get to stay home full time??