Monday, April 23, 2012


We celebrated Katie and Asher's birthdays this past week!  Just wanted to post a few pictures!

 Asher had a little birthday lunch on his actual birthday, with his friends Evan and Sadee!  We had his favorite meal, corndogs and corn! Ha!

 He was excited to get a "Cars" Wal-Mart truck---just like Daddy's work!  It's hard for me to believe my sweet baby boy is 4 years old...time has gone by so quickly!

 On Katie's birthday, we had a little ocean cake, and she was so excited to get a "Soul Surfer" tee and devotional book!  She loved that movie!  We went out to eat at El Pueblito and had a tiny shopping trip to Cato to get a few things for her.
 Look at this pretty girl...I am amazed at how she is growing up!

Asher finishing up the ocean punch at Katie's party with friends!

 Katie with her ocean cake!
Katie had some girl friends over to watch Soul Surfer and celebrate her birthday.  I think they had a fun time, and Katie was excited to have all of them here. 

I just feel so very blessed to have these two (and Claire too!)...God sure has blessed us!  We could never have imagined how our family would grow like it has...we are amazed every day that we have THREE kids!  God's love and timing is perfect, and we just feel overwhelmed with the love He has for us!  Thank you, Lord, for all of the blessings in our life!

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