Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rainy Day Christmas Music...

We have had rainy days for the past two days...THANK YOU LORD! We were needing rain so badly, our town has been in water conservation/warning status for a few weeks, and it's just felt stressful. I am so thankful to be able to turn on the faucet and get clean, fresh water, and I can't imagine living in a country or situation without it. We are so blessed. Anyway, it's been cloudy, cooler, and rainy, so after church this morning I slipped into comfy clothes, put a pot of white chicken chili on the stove, and turned on my "Christmas Guitar" cd. It's Christmas music, with just guitar, and sounds from nature...I love it. It sounds like something wonderful but doesn't scream "pressures of the holidays"...I love it...did I mention I love it? Anyway, we are just hanging out this afternoon, it's snuggly and I feel so blessed to be home, surrounded by kiddos (we have an extra Evan today!), even though our house is a disaster and Kris is not here with us, it's a blessed day!

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