Monday, November 05, 2007

18 weeks!

We are on the 18th week this week! I'm so excited! We had a busy weekend. Kris worked really hard and pulled out all of the weeds from the back of our property. They built new houses behind us, and the construction folks just let everything blow into the back of our fence row, and didn't develop the easement, so it was just a BIG mess back there. Kris worked so hard, I was really proud of him---the muscles...oh...the muscles! :o) I finally got Katie's new room cleaned out and the entire room painted. It is a really dark pink called Pretty Petunia. She loves it. I think Kris is going to try and work on replacing all of the trim in her room with white. I think it will be really nice. He has also been working on refinishing her bed (which was his and his mom's when they were little). So we have a lot going on.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before (JUST KIDDING!) but our sonogram is Wednesday--this Wednesday--as in 40 hours from now! I just CANNOT wait to know what we're having!

Saturday we're traveling down to Grove for the day, to help Kris's Mom and Dad with their Christmas Open House at their shop. I am going to bake cookies, and make some little appetizers to take and serve. I'm excited! She always has really beautiful stuff in her shop...and it's a great flea market too.

That's all for now...will definitly be updating Wednesday!

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