Thursday, November 08, 2007

Our baby is a ...

...beautiful, healthy, wonderfully cute MYSTERY! We went for our 2nd sonogram this morning, and the technician was still not able to confirm the gender. Baby was sleeping all scrunched up at the beginning and through most of the measurments, etc. Then I patted my belly a few times, and it started moving it's arms and legs around (I didn't mean to startle it...I just wanted it to wake up so we could see!). She thought it might be a good opportunity to see something, but baby put it's little hand right over it's private area! :o) She thought she "may" have seen boy parts, but she could not confirm. My goodness...what a day! We are still so incredibly glad that everything is ok. The heart and all organs look great, and we are measuring at 17 weeks and 3 days, so the due date, according to the sonogram is April 14th or 15th. We feel so incredibly blessed...our baby is so precious...and it really doesn't even matter...we love it so much already...and knowing if it is a boy or girl is just a bonus. :o) We are so BLESSED!

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