Saturday, November 24, 2007

The best day ever-according to Katie!

Last night, we decided to go on a family date night. We went to Montana Mikes and got three matching plates of chicken strips with honey mustard and mashed potatoes and gravy-so yummy! Then we went to the mall and watched Enchanted-it was wonderful! We went to the bookstore, and Katie had a wonderful time picking out a chapter book. I also got a couple of things on my list for her there-a Junie B. Jones Diary and a anatomy book--she is loving science stuff! We went to Sears to get a couple of things Kris was needing (er...wanting). While we were in there, a girl said it was snowing outside. We went out to the car, and sure enough-big, beautiful snowflakes. Katie said, "this is a perfect day-2007!" She's so cute...she had a great time last night. There was something about the evening that I think we will always remember. I can't really put my finger on it, but we just had a really nice time together. We're so blessed to have each other. I love Kris and Katie so very much.

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