Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blessings this morning...

This morning, the kids are still sleeping, I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee, and I'm just feeling blessed.  My mom and dad came over last night to go to Katie's softball game.  After the game, Katie and Mom and I made 4th of July t-shirts while Dad and Asher literally rolled all over the living room floor :o)  Asher started it and then Grandpa started rolling!  Just last year during Katie's softball season, my dad was just recovering from a major stroke, bleeding in his brain, and a blood clot...just amazing that he is still with us and can "roll around" with his little grandson...I feel so blessed and THANKFUL for this!  Later on I caught Asher and Dad comparing "boo-boo's" and kissing each other's ouchies!

Thank you Lord!  A friend on facebook lost her dad this week, he was only 67, I think.  She lost her mom a few years ago.  I can't imagine how that would hurt...especially with grandchildren.  I'm saying special prayers for her today.  I just feel really fortunate to have Mom and Dad and Joyce and Kenny still in our lives, for Katie and Asher to get to know each of them, for them to be able to laugh together, to play together, and snuggle together.  So very truly thankful for these things.

We had a showing last night.  My mom said she had a "feeling" that they would like it.   I think I just feel at peace with whatever God has planned.  I would LOVE to get an offer, but I am also content to just wait.  I know God has a plan (and it's a good one!)

I wanted to share some of my amazing garage sale scores from Saturday.

I just feel like God blessed me with all of these things...I got three decorative birdcages...a large one 20"x10"-ish $2 (which I already spray painted red and put out on the front porch! Ha!) and two smaller ones 14"x8"-ish $1 each, 6 flower frogs for $.10 each, a set of 3 wooden candlesticks for $.50, a pretty polkadot blouse for church for me $1, tons of clothes for Katie, priced from $.10-$.50 each...gap, old navy, a cute, cute skirt for church, some tween-ish tops that she really loved, a cake plate for $.50, a pedestal thing for $.10, a print with a cool frame that I am going to turn into a chalkboard for $.10, a ziploc bag full of colored chalk for $.10, a box full of vintage piping, quilt binding and trim, all still in packages for $1, and a box full of vintage buttons for $.50...completely amazing that there were so many wonderful treasures for very little money...a big blessing! 

Katie is a good garage saler!  She had fun and even bought Kris a yellow lab statue for father's day for $.25!  She's thrifty and thoughtful!  :o)

I think that's all for this morning, but I will update if we hear anything on the house!  :o)

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