Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Another Autumn-like July day!

Today it is raining cats and dogs!  It's so rainy and cool and just so pretty outside!  Today my friend Pam took me to lunch for my birthday.  We went to King's Coffee Co. in Dearing, and it was so yummy!  I had tomato basil soup and a grilled cheese with cheddar and provolone...YUM!  I also had two cups of Jamaica Me Crazy coffee...I may not sleep tonight!  Ha!  It was so good, and Pam and I had a nice visit!  I think the rainy cool weather just made the soup and coffee taste 20 times better than usual! 

I was thinking today about how blessed I am.  Even though we're struggling a little financially now, it's just amazing to me that we're able to make it...to pay all of our bills, and I'm a stay at home mom.  Two years ago, I decided to work part time, to be able to stay home with Asher, 6 months ago, I was laid off.  I never imagined that it would be possible for me to be home.  I'm still not sure what's going to happen in a few months, but God knows...and he has it under control!  I remember while I was working full time I would drive by people's houses on days like today, rainy and dark outside, lamps lit and cozy looking inside...I was so envious of those who were able to be home.  God knows the desires of our hearts, and even just those little simple blessings, of being at home, of having a candle burning, and feeling cozy!  HE is the GIVER of these things...and I'm so thankful!

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