Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well...we have some news...

A couple of days ago we learned that we are going to be a family of FIVE!  We're so excited, feel so incredibly blessed!  It was a complete and total surprise blessing!  After several years of infertility between Katie and Asher, God has blessed us twice more, with Asher and this new little one!  We are in awe.  Suddenly the concerns of selling the house, figuring our our financial situation, and everything else that has been bothering us is fading to the background in the light of this incredible news.  We're only about 7 weeks along, so please pray with us that our littlest pea is healthy and growing good in there. 

Katie just got home from camp at Ochelata.  She had a great time, and was nominated for Camper of the Year!  She is crazy happy about a new baby, and keeps kissing and hugging my stomach!  Asher doesn't know what to think.  He doesn't seem to understand.  By the time the baby is born in late February or early March, he will be almost 3, so maybe he will be able to understand then.  We're just so excited!  We can't even believe it!

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