Saturday, June 18, 2011

10 Little Things...

10 Little Things I love about my children:
1. When Asher says, "Mama, I need you" sweet...melts me.
2. The way Katie's fingernails are painted pink, blue and green with silver on top, she did it herself, and it's just creative and colorful.
3. The way that Claire slips that precious thumb of hers in her mouth when she's really sleepy.
4.  Asher saying, "I wuv you Mama"...again...melts me.
5.  Katie's beautiful hair...just gorgeous colors in the sunlight.
6.  Claire's sweet smiles, she just has no idea that every person in our family craves them.
7.  How Asher's face lit up when giving Kris his father's day present this happy and completely glowing!
8.  Katie's desire to help people, especially strangers, she has such a gift to know what people need.
9.  How it feels to just hold Claire close and breathe in the miracle of her.
10.  Seeing how much these three love each other, they really truly do.


Jill said...

This little post just melts my heart. The little things a mama notices aren't really little at all...

MarytheKay said...

This list may be the sweetest thing I have read all day!! Thanks for making me smile. :-)