Thursday, June 16, 2011


...and the living is easy busy!  We've been so busy this summer so far.  Katie is playing softball, and had three games last week!  She's doing a great job, and still learning about the game!  We have really enjoyed going out to the ballpark in the evening for her games...just wouldn't seem like summer without it!

I've been able to spend some time with friends and I have enjoyed this so much.  We have a little group of younger-ish moms at church who spend time with each other.  We all have kiddos and share so many things in common.  I think my favorite thing about spending time with these girls is that we just feel comfortable sharing everything... our pasts, our present, and we look into the future together as well!  It's really nice! We had Charisse's Bachelorette Breakfast this past Friday, and her Bridal Shower on Sunday afternoon.  They were both nice, and it was such an honor to have these for her!  I am just so very thankful for her!  God blessed me so much when he brought her to our church family!

Emmalee, Me, Kim, Charisse (feeding Miss Claire), and Sabrina

Claire is growing so fast.  She is just a joy, full of beautiful smiles and sweetness!  All of us just adore her!  We couldn't imagine life without her if we tried, it just feels like she's been with us forever.  We took a few pictures of her in her little hat, and I just loved this one with her beautiful blue eyes!

We were getting ready to head to the lake for a little beach trip, the kids were all in their swimsuits (even Claire!) They were excited to go, but I think we all decided to save our swimming for the pool next time...the beach was not pretty (or sanitary! Ha!) 

Sometimes I still get goosebumps and truly, truly can't believe how blessed we are to have three children!  Some days are harder than others, and when they are all three crying at once, I just feel like joining in, but they are still such an incredible blessing.  It is such a privilege to be their mama.  I feel blessed.

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