Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A few recent garage sale finds...just in time for Independence Day!

We have gotten to do a lot of garage sale shopping this summer, and it has been so much fun!  It seems like each one I go to has a few little treasures or things on my "wish list"!  I have been searching for 1/2 pint glass milk containers, and recently found these two cuties for $2.00 each!  One of them is from 1949, and the other is from 1946!  I have seen them at flea markets for $5-8, and just couldn't pass up the bargain!

At the same garage sale, I was able to buy two Ball Mason jars, with the zinc lids with the porcelain in tact, also for $2.00 each.  One of them has already made it's home in a red wire basket (that I bought at a GS a couple of years ago) on my kitchen table, love them!

And last, but probably the most festive...a set of four flag glasses for $1.00!  They aren't old, but they were way too cute to pass up! 
We are planning a relaxing day of the five of us just being together on the 4th.  Our neighbor told us that we pretty much have a front row seat from our front yard to the city fireworks display that is held at a park nearby!  Looking forward to Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Ribs,  "Red, Hot, and Blues" potato salad, some fresh corn on the cob, and just hanging out with Kris and the kids! 
Have a great 4th of July!

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