Monday, July 08, 2013

Our 4th of July, 2013

We stayed home and had a relaxed day together.  Kris and I tried to just stay focused on the kiddos and having fun, rather than on the loss of the baby.  We wanted the kids to have good memories, even though we were struggling to keep it together on the inside.  We had lots of good food...

Red, Hot and Blues Potato Salad  from Caramel Potatoes (so yummy!)

Delicious sweet corn (from Dillon's) because we couldn't find any local here yet!
The kids had so much fun shucking the corn, they were in a race to see who could shuck the fastest!

We also had red, white, and blue cake!

The weather was absolutely perfect, so we spent lots of time sitting out on the patio, just enjoying a few snakes, smoke balls, and crackling balls.  It was even cool enough for a little lap sitting and snuggling.

I hung an old barn star I had out on the fence, and moved the outside furniture over there for a little cute was even cuter with the kids sitting there! (even though I couldn't get a picture of them all looking at me to save my life!)

We had a really nice 4th of July, just being together and enjoying each other!  I am so very, very, thankful for these three kiddos...they are the best blessings in the world.  I would have loved to have had just one more, but I feel so incredibly blessed to have these beautiful three.

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