Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School, 2013!

Katie and Asher started school this week!  Asher started kindergarten!  This mama did ok for the drop off in the morning, but when we went to pick him up and he was so happy to see us and tell us about his day...mama lost it and couldn't stop crying!  I missed his sweet smiles and kisses so much!  But he loved it...he had a great first day of school! And he was happy to report he stayed on "Moose" status for the day...which means he did great!

Katie and I have been sick since Saturday with some kind of weird summer cold virus, so she had to miss her first day of school and visit the doctor's office instead. She has also been having some pretty big anxieties about going to public middle school, so this morning was a little tough on her (and mama and daddy!)  I was so happy when we got into the building and were greeted by one of the teachers that we had met.  She was so positive and welcoming to Katie!  We had talked to her during enrollment about Katie's fears of going to a public school when she had gone to a Christian school for so long and she had been so comforting and encouraging...we were so thankful that God put her in that place especially for this morning.  She looked at Katie's schedule and told her about several more of her teachers who were really strong I could tell Katie was comforted by that.  She is in band, choir, and art, math, science, language, and computers.  I can't wait to hear how her day was!

So now it's just little Claire and I here at home...and I'm almost not sure what to do! It's been a while since I've only had one kiddo at home!  We are doing good far just having our milk cup/coffee and donuts and hanging out!

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