Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our week and menu plans!

This week our church has been in revival so I haven't had to have a menu so far!  Our associate pastor and his wife are preparing meals each evening...so that's been a huge blessing and change for me.  It feels strange to not worry about what's for dinner or what's on the menu, but it's nice to have a clean kitchen for a few days!  Ha, ha!  So I have been working on the menu for Thursday-Sunday, and I may go ahead and add next week's menu too.  I will share that tomorrow morning!

I am always a bit skeptical about revival.  I remember when I was little going to revival in Delaware, Oklahoma, and I loved it because we were able to see our church friends for four or five nights in a row!  As an adult, I've been to a few revival services, but I think the enemy has always tried to ruin it for me.  Sometimes, revival services can appear to be a little "over the top" on halleluiah's and amen's, etc. with too much "loud" preaching, or too many sad old hymns.  Now---I know all of that seems really negative, and I don't mean to be, but it WAS how I felt about revival services...until this week.  Either I am getting older and enjoying all of the above things more, or this revival is "different" than others!  It has been amazing!  Our speaker had been Dr. James Diehl and he has just been great to listen to.  His messages have been relevant and have spoken to my heart...so deeply.  I have prayed for my heart to be open to hear the message that is there for me, and I have prayed for protection against Satan, and the doubts and negative thoughts that he brings.  We have been to all of the services so far, and I am so anxious to go back tonight and tomorrow night.  I have needed to hear everything he has spoken about so far, and I just feel like for the first time, I really will be "revived" at the end of this revival...and I can't wait!

Katie and Asher are still doing so well in school!  Katie is really enjoying her classes, and I think she loves the social part too.  She comes home talking about different friends she has made every day.  I am so glad she is settling in.  I was so worried about that, but she is doing so much better than I expected.  Asher is doing well too.  He still wants us to walk him in, and he doesn't want to go to the gym and wait on his teacher, so we have been staying with him until his class walks to the classroom.  He says that the gym is too loud, and I think the noise and the amount of kids (probably about 400) all in one room just scares him.  I am hoping that once he has gone to an all school assembly he will see that it's not too bad in there.  For now, we are just making sure he feels safe and trying to encourage him to have confidence about going in the gym eventually. He has made some friends too, and talks about Tavin, Eli, and Allen all of the time!  He says that they have running races at recess and Allen is the fastest! He has been staying on the "owl" status every day, and hasn't had any "stinky skunk" days yet...thank goodness!  Ha, ha...love his teacher's discipline techniques!

And one more thing before I close today...my husband is home...for keeps...and I am so thankful.  We have been trying to adjust since he has been home, and we've had some rough patches this week, but I am so thankful that we are all back together.  We feel like we are "home"...at least until heaven...here at our home that we have shared for over 7 years.  It is a little crowded, but we are making it work and just feel blessed that we have a home, Kris has a job that has been so accommodating to our moving situation, and we are together...just so very thankful!

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