Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I just need to ramble about some random things that I am so thankful for today.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all of the amazing blessings and gifts that God has given us.  So...here are just a few things I am just grateful for this morning:
  • I have Christmas music playing on Pandora right now.
  • I just made Claire a sweet potato for a snack...and the smell reminds me of Thanksgiving.
  • Kris brought me sunflowers yesterday...and they are so beautiful!
  • The weather has been beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
  • Our three children are healthy and happy and chubby. :)
  • Asher let me hold him after school yesterday...we just snuggled up while he watched Arthur. 
  • Katie curled her hair and wore a cute outfit to school today...and she looked beautiful...too beautiful!
  • Miss Claire and I have all day today to just hug, and read, and snuggle, and to just be home.
  • I am so thankful for our home.  It's never completely clean these days, but it's safe and comfortable...and that's enough.
  • I can see the sunshine dancing on the trees and grass outside...so pretty.
  • The leaves will be changing soon, and we have two trees in our front yard that will be beautiful very soon!
  • Neewollah is coming...and my favorite thing about Neewollah is all of us going to the big parade and then coming home to a yummy hot soup or meal in the crock pot...it's the official beginning of the holiday season for us...love it!
Ok...so that was completely random and all over the place, but I wanted to try and get some of my thoughts down!  Sometimes it helps me combat depression to read back through posts of happy things all around me!

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Cheryl said...

A thankful heart is a beautiful thing!

I have enjoyed nosing around your blog this evening and reading about your lovely family.

Thanks for visiting me at Thinking About Home and leaving your kind words.