Sunday, October 13, 2013

Family Fall Fun Traditions...

Today I just wanted to share some fall traditions for our family.  October is always an exciting month in our town, because of Neewollah! Our favorite part of Neewollah is the grand parade on Saturday. There is such a demand for seats along the parade route that you have to arrive early to set up your lawn we snuggle up with our blankets and hot chocolate and share a giant cinnamon roll early on the day of the parade!  There are so many bands and floats that the parade sometimes lasts 2 hours or more!  After the parade, we usually come home and warm up with yummy soup or chili that's been simmering in the crock pot.  It's the *official* beginning of the holiday season for us! 

Halloween is usually just a few days after Neewollah and we usually have dinner a little early that consists of "mummy dogs" and whatever fun foods that I can come up with.  We usually trick or treat just around our neighborhood and at a few friends' homes.  Last year our church had a Trunk or Treat and the kids loved that, so it will now be part of our tradition too! 

Something my mom always did was make pumpkin shaped sugar cookies.  She always used this recipe and it's the recipe I use for cookies too.  The kids seem to love these.  I always sub some of the vanilla flavoring for almond, and it makes them just wonderful!  They are never beautiful or fancy...but always yummy!

About a week before Halloween, we carve our pumpkins.  We have had lots of different faces and characters, and like our cookies...they are not beautiful or fancy, but we really enjoy scooping out the seeds and creating happy faces in our pumpkins!

Claire, Fall 2011

Claire, Halloween 2012

Katie, Fall 2012
We almost always visit a pumpkin patch, usually with my sister and her kiddos, and usually in Missouri, but this year we met in the middle and visited a patch in Pittsburg, Kansas.  It was really fun!  The kids loved the little train ride the most!
Fall is just full to the brim of so many happy things and memories!  We really enjoy this time of year!


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