Saturday, October 19, 2013

Latest Little Blessings...

I have just been humbled by so many little blessings lately...and I can't help but share them!  As I mentioned in my post a few days ago, Neewollah is upon us...and for the past two years we had been blessed by a friend giving us tickets to attend the Queen's Talent competition and Coronation.  Katie and I have really enjoyed it, and decided that we wanted to make going to one of those a yearly tradition.  Well...this year we were just not seeing that it was possible with our budget.  We are still trying to recover financially from our move to Wichita and back.  It's been tough, but I have just felt really blessed to have groceries and school clothes and all of the amazing comforts of home and with still being able to be a stay at home mama.  Eventually things will get better, but we have everything we need!  We got a call the other day that our friend had tickets for us again this year!  Just amazing!  We are so excited!  So Katie and I have two girls nights in a row planned, and I am just really looking forward to it! 

Another little blessing...I entered a blog giveaway contest the other day for a sweet fall bunting, and I won!  I can't wait to hang it by the fireplace and enjoy it!  Isn't it pretty?  So excited!

Today was Kris's last day of vacation, and we have had a nice day together!  We went to the little park and zoo that's in our town, and enjoyed it so much.  I set the timer on my camera and got a family picture of the five of us...we look a little rough...hadn't planned on taking these, but I am glad we did!  Then we came home and warmed up leftover soup from last night and I made some quick rolls for lunch.  Now Kris is taking a little nap, the kids are playing, and I am has been a blessed day!

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