Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Thankful List

This morning I am thankful for...
the soft cool rain
Claire singing her heart out in her high chair
the hints of red and orange on our trees just outside my dining room window
that Kris has a good job
that our home is cozy and comfortable (not clean by any stretch of the imagination...but it's ok!)
that we have enough groceries for this week and next
for the little pile of pumpkins and gourds that decorate our table
that Asher and Katie are snuggled in with great teachers at their schools
that Neewollah is only a week away
that a fun day of trick or treating is only a couple of weeks away
and that the beginning of all things Christmas begins very soon
the joy and excitement of Asher being visited by the tooth fairy last night
the laughter of our family this morning when we all heard Claire "toot" at the same time (we are gross...I know...but it was a big loud one from such a tiny person!)
and lastly...but certainly not least...I am so thankful for the hope and joy that I have from knowing Jesus as my savior...I would be so lost without him.

And...I am thankful for pumpkins!

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Cheryl said...

Guess what, Karrie?! You won the giveaway over at "Thinking About Home"...the fall bunting! If you'll send me an email with your mailing address, I'll get that bunting on its way to your door. (Email me at

Congratulations! :D