Monday, February 24, 2014

A few happy-ish things...

  • Our Claire turned THREE this past week!  Can't even believe our baby is so big! We haven't had a chance to celebrate yet...we have had the flu :(
  • The sunshine is beautiful this morning!
  • Our heater is working wonderfully (which is great...because it's very cold!)
  • I can hear Claire and Asher playing quietly and watching Veggie Tales in the living room.
  • We have almost survived this round of the winter stomach bug...Daddy and Asher are still down for the count, but I think they will be ok!
  • I have had a pair of cardinals visiting the bird feeder this morning-they are so beautiful and remind me of my Grandma Rench.
  • I have coffee.
  • Last night there was a beautiful sunset, and it reminded me of my dad.
  • I have a gigantic, ginormous, humongous pile of clean laundry to fold...and I am truly thankful for it :)

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