Monday, February 17, 2014

My Dad's Memorial

My Dad's memorial service was on Saturday, and it was just a really good day.  We were able to remember the very best things about him, and share time with family and friends, some who we hadn't seen in a really long time.  My sister sang, "No Other Word for Grace but Amazing" and my brother played the native American flute...they were both beautiful.  Our friend, "Uncle Mike" also said a prayer in Lakota Sioux language and it was so special. I was so privileged to give the eulogy and I made it through, without *too much* crying.  I wanted to share it here, for a little memorial to him on my blog:

Our Dad went to be with Jesus, and his family and friends that had gone before him on February 5th, 2014 at 3:52 pm. was the most amazing, peaceful moment I have ever experienced.  When he took his last breathe, my mom and sister and I could feel him "leave" the room..."leave" the was a really special and amazing moment.  Dad is in Heaven, with no more tears or sadness, holding tiny babies that left us too soon, getting big hugs from his friends who have gone before him, “Meatball”-Dean Powell, Tom McPheeters, Chuck Limos, and many others.  We know he is rejoicing with his sister and brothers, and his mama and dad, and even his in-laws, my Grandma and Grandpa Rench!

Our Dad loved people, he made them feel special, and he showed interest in everything and everyone he met.  He would talk to strangers for the longest time, and they felt comfortable talking to him.  He never turned anyone down, and picked up more hitchhikers than anyone I have ever known.  By the time he got the person safely to their destination, he knew and cared about their whole life story.   He was a great story teller, and shared much laughter with so many people throughout the years.   My dad was one of the most kind, gentle and caring people I know. He had the most forgiving heart, and loved his family unconditionally, even through the most difficult times.

Our dad fell in love with our mama when he was just 14 years old, and he pursued her love for 47 years all together.  He would drive around the drive in restaurant with her name spray painted on the side of his car…he loved her so much…even from the very beginning!  My mom and dad had their share of ups and downs, but stayed together for richer or poorer, and in sickness and health, until my dad made it to his home in heaven.  My mom spent every moment of the last 60 days of his life by his side, and I know he could feel her there with him, even until the very last breathe.

Our Dad was just born to be a dad, he naturally knew what to do with us…whether we were being ornery, silly, or heartbroken.  He had an amazing and admirable way of disciplining, always explaining the reason we were being disciplined, and always followed it by a hug and an apology.  He is the one who prayed with me when I accepted Jesus into my heart.  My Dad is the one who brushed and braided our hair, who built snow forts and snow men and tree houses, and made scarecrows and carved pumpkins, and stayed up with us when we had the stomach flu.  He cooked us big breakfasts, made the best grilled burgers, and loved sweet tea and ice water.  He loved us ferociously, scaring off rotten boyfriends when needed, and driving in the middle of the night to find us if we were talking to friends in McDonald's parking lot until 2 am.  He loved to have fun, and we leg-wrestled and WWF wrestled in our living room many evenings!  On Father’s Day, in 1985, my dad received the greatest father’s day gift anyone could ask for.  His boy, my brother, was born.  Together they shared everything a father and son should, sharing so many hobbies and interests together all along the way.  As a Dad to the three of us, he was truly an example of what love looked like.   

Our Dad was also an amazing Grandpa.  He would catch little critters for the kids, pulled them on many wagon rides around the yard with the lawn tractor, and horseback rides around the yard.   He always shared a never ending supply of lifesavers mints from his overalls pocket.  The kids would sit on his lap and check every pocket of his overalls and rearrange all of his belongings, but he didn’t mind a bit.  He was especially close with Tre, who shared his name, Robert Dale Weimer. He shared the same love that he had for his children with his grandchildren.

Our Dad was a very talented singer, and one of our very favorite childhood memories was sitting together in the living room listening to records and singing southern gospel music like Gold City Quartet, the Cathedrals, and the Imperials.  He could belt out those tenor parts, and I can just hear him singing in heaven now.  My sister and I can’t wait to sing with him again someday!

Our Dad loved riding his motorcycle, fishing, and going to mountain man rendezvous.   He was really proud of his Indian heritage, and made an effort to explore and learn more about this and share it with others. His Indian name was “Two Feathers”.  He enjoyed shooting his black powder gun, sitting around a campfire with Bobby, Uncle Mike, and our cousin Chris, and more than anything, loved being outside in God’s creation.  He wore overalls and a hat almost all of the time, and always a friendly smile. 

My Dad overcame so many health problems, beginning with having strokes in his 50’s and continuing until just a few weeks ago.  He also overcame anxiety and fear, and now has the ultimate healing.  During the past few years of his life, he would praise the Lord for every sunset that he witnessed, with a hearty, “Thank You Jesus!” no matter where he was or who he was with.  He gave the Lord all of the praise and glory, without worrying about what others would think.  I want to be more like my dad in that way, and in so many others.  I will miss you so much, Dad...we didn't have enough time with you, but Heaven gained the most amazing guy...we love you.

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