Thursday, February 03, 2011

37 weeks and SNOW, SNOW, SNOW...

This has been an eventful week.  On Sunday I wasn't feeling well during church, so I decided to have my blood pressure taken at the hospital.  It was pretty high, so Dr. S. admitted me for a 4 hour bp monitoring and non-stress test for the baby.  We ended up staying the night and I got to go home on Monday.  We're still scheduled for the 18th, but she was preparing us for delivery early if my numbers didn't get better, but they did...thank You Lord!  I visited the clinic this morning for my 37 week appointment and my blood pressure was a little high, but not terrible, so we're doing ok.  They are supposed to call later and let us know if there is anything else I need to do at this point. 

On Tuesday, we had a blizzard...literally.  There was blowing snow, and so much of it.  We have a couple of drifts that are almost 5 ft deep!  Yesterday and today the sun has been shining so beautifully, but no snow is melting because of the temperatures of -9 degrees!  It's crazy.  We are beginning to have major cabin fever.  I have just felt like I need to run out into the snow just to get out of the house for a minute!  Ha!

Katie and Asher are doing good, they are really looking forward to Claire being born.  Katie is more excited than I thought she would be, and she is just ready for her now!  Asher still doesn't seem to comprehend whats going on, but I think he will understand once he sees her...I can't wait for that moment...I just can't wait for the five of us to be together in that hospital room after she is born!

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